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The greatest science fiction epic of all time.  Click on a cover to the book you want.  Buy them all now or come back and purchase one at a time.   You won't regret the time you spend reading this series.
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In his earlier novels, Robert Stone has taken us to such hot spots as Vietnam, Central America, and that ultimate sinkhole of depravity we call Hollywood. This time around, it's Jerusalem. Given Stone's gift for depicting both political and personal embroilment--indeed, for making the two inextricable--this particular city is an inspired choice. For starters, Jerusalem remains a sacred destination for Muslims, Jews, and Christians and a hotly contested one. It's also a magnet for hustlers, fanatics, and millennial dreamers, a generous assortment of whom populate the pages of Damascus Gate. Buy Now!
ruthlesscom.gif (12385 bytes) TomClancy's Power Plays - ruthless.com.  Buy Now!
giftjew.gif (14056 bytes) By Thomas Cahill, this book is a light-handed, popular account of ancient Jewish culture and the culture of the Bible. The book is written from a decidedly modern point of view. . Buy Now!
History of Tazewell County and Southwest Virginia 1748-1920 Hardcover history of Tazewell county. Buy Now!
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Stephen King's most gripping and unforgettable novel, Bag of Bones, is a story of grief and a lost love's enduring bonds, of a new love haunted by the secrets of the past, of an innocent child caught in a terrible crossfire.  Buy Now!
Burton on Burton This book is by Tim Burton and provides insights into the movies he has created.  If you are a Tim Burton fan, this is a must! Buy Now!

Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas : The Film, the Art, the Vision

This book is loaded with artwork ranging from Burton's original sketches through scenes from the finished film. Buy Now!
The Dysfunctional President : Inside the Mind of Bill Clinton Synopsis
A practicing psychologist contends in this highly controversial book that President Clinton is naturally indecisive, has a strong tendency to lie, and creates chaos around him as a result of the abuse he experienced and witnessed at the hands of his alcoholic stepfather. Buy Now!
Dark Entries: Bauhaus and Beyond Book Description
The full gothic rise and fall of Bauhaus, from their early days as glam-struck lads in Northampton, England to worldwide cult status. Buy Now!
knightofword.gif (12901 bytes) Sequel to Running with the Demon (1997), Brooks's good (the Word) vs. evil (the Void) clash set in contemporary America. Buy Now!
pathdaggers.gif (15229 bytes) The eighth book in the "New York Times" bestselling "Wheel of Time" series, called by the "Chicago Sun-Times": "a fantasy tale seldom equaled and still more seldom surpassed in English". With the Seanchan invasion in possession of Ebou Dar, Nynaeve, Elayne, and Aviendha head for Caemlyn and Elayne's rightful throne, but discover an enemy worse that the Seanchan. Buy Now!
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A North Korean peasant staggers across miles of icy terrain to tell a horrific story about a village decimated by disease, and soon an investigative reporter finds himself in the midst of a terrifying scenario.  Buy Now!
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From a re-imagining of the Schroedinger's Cat conundrum to a skit entitled "I Love Loosely", in which Lucy and Ricky Ricardo play the parts of Hillary and President Clinton, this collection by comic genius Steve Martin--some pieces of which have appeared in "The New Yorker"--is both hilariously funny and intelligent in its skewering of the topic at hand. Teleprint conference. Buy Now!